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Check out some of the videos taken from the AFL Combine in Melbourne

Sturt Football Club has appointed Martin Mattner as its Senior Coach.

The SANFL will introduce a cap of 50 rotations per game and award a free kick for a possession which goes out of bounds without being touched, for next season in a bid to reduce congestion and spread the game.

South Australia will have 13 players putting themselves to the test at this week’s AFL Combine in Melbourne.

West Adelaide’s Taite Silverlock has won the 2015 IGA League Mark of the Year for his hanger against Adelaide in Round 15.

Former Sturt midfielder Tom Hurley has been appointed as the SANFL’s new Football Operations Manager.

West Adelaide’s Aaron Anderson has won the 2015 IGA League Goal of the Year for his outstanding checkside in the Second Semi-Final at Adelaide Oval.

Norwood has wasted no time in preparing for a rise up the ladder next year with the addition of several key signings for 2016.

Long-suffering West Adelaide fans have been waiting a long time for premiership glory and now they've enjoyed the annual West End Chimney Ceremony on Tuesday.

The 2015 Macca’s Next Step Program is in full swing at the Adelaide Oval and AAMI Stadium this week from Monday to Wednesday.

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