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02 May 2013
Round 6 Teams

By ZAC MILBANK | Twitter@zacmilbank

West Adelaide v Glenelg

Friday 7.10pm, City Mazda Stadium
Radio: 5RPH (#westbays)


West Adelaide has included three players for the first time this season for its match against Glenelg at City Mazda Stadium on Friday night.

Midfielders Simon Dean and Logan Hill, together with utility Adam Hartlett, will appear at league level for the first occasion in 2013 after being included in the Bloods’ squad of 23.

Captain Ryan Ferguson (head knock) and former Crow Chris Schmidt (flu) will also rejoin the side after being late withdrawals for the Anzac Day match last week.

Experienced pair Shane Birss and Aaron Fielke were unavailable after being suspended by the SANFL’s Incident Review Panel during the week while Brad Kirk was relegated to the reserves despite taking ‘’Mark of the Week’’ for round five.

Hawthorn recruit Travis Tuck is expected to play despite being hindered by a broken finger during the week.

F: Beech, Webb, Bonney
HF: Tuck, Keough, Slattery
C: R. Anderson, Schmidt, Ezard
HB: Caire, Mangan, Bricknell
B: Ferguson, Tippett, Green

R: Nelson, Macreadie, Silverlock
INT: Dean, Hartlett, Hill, Poynton, Rankine
IN: Ferguson, Schmidt, Dean, Hartlett, Hill
OUT: Birss (suspended), Fielke (suspended), Kirk

F: Hopton, Middleton, Brown
HF: Djiksman, Still, Sporn
C: Schott, Schiller, Bates
HB: Smith, Carter, Favretto
B: Gallard, Eagle, Kirk

R: Simister, Homburg, Johnson
INT: Wong, Theodoulou

Albanese, Bates, Cornish, Creeper, Davenport, Dezylva, Djiksman, Dodds-Watson, Durdin, Evans, Favretto, Fitzpatrick, Harris, Hyde, Male, Mulvaney, Munn, Nelson, Perrotta, Roberts, Simister, Trussell, Turner, Vick, Watchman, Westhoff, Zesers.


Glenelg has been rocked by the omission of Crows pair Jarryd Lyons and Shaun McKernan for its clash with West Adelaide at City Mazda Stadium on Friday night.

Lyons, the leading possession winner in the SANFL, has been in red-hot form all season while McKernan kicked five goals in the Tigers’ win against Sturt last Saturday night.

Carl Nicholson has been sent back to the reserves.

Aggressive teenager Billy Hayes (19, 178cm and 75kg) is in line to make his league debut after performing strongly in the seconds as a midfielder/small forward.
‘’He’s always been a competitive animal,’’ Glenelg talent manager Brenton Hole said of Hayes, originally from Bordertown.
‘’He is a very strong tackler and the boys have been very happy with the defensive pressure he’s been applying up forward.’’

Hayes is joined in the Tigers’ squad of 23 by fellow inclusions Hayden Jolly, Lachlan Earl and Riley McFarlane while Riley Milne has recovered from a neck injury.

Former Central District key forward James Lawton has been cleared to play at Tigerland and will begin his career with the Bays in the reserves on Friday evening.

F: Hitchcock, Davenport, McGinty
HF: Hooper, Mules, Trembath
C: Carger, Hender, McNeil
HB: Logan, Tapp, McInerney
B: Pitt, Clurey, Milne

R: Button, Bradley, Allen
INT: Underwood, Hayes, Earl, Jolly, McFarlane

IN: Milne, Hayes, Jolly, Earl, McFarlane
OUT: Lyons (Crows), McKernan (Crows), Nicholson

F: E. Gill, Hinge, McCurry
HF: Newton, Lawton, McIntyre
C: Gamble, Lally, Reid
HB: H. Gill, Proud, Galley
B: Agnew, Curran, Klaosen

R: Miller, Nicholson, Snook
INT: Starkey
EMG: Wilson

F: Hutchesson, Merrett, Mosey
HF: Wight, Ashby, Keen
C: Pitt, J. Woodall, Wheelen
HB: Gray, Overall, Isaksson
B: Johnson, Clayfield, Steer

R: Hill, Craig, Harrap
INT: Bailey, McPherson, Whaley
EMG: Clements, Hillier, Riddle

North Adelaide v Norwood
Saturday 2.10pm, Prospect Oval
TV: ABC TV (#northlegs)


North Adelaide has regained rugged defender Michael Clinch from suspension for its blockbuster clash with Norwood at Prospect on Saturday.
Clinch, who has missed the past fortnight, will slot into his customary spot across half-back while midfielder Dale Armstrong and utility Stuart Hill have been named for their first league matches this season.

Crows forward Lewis Johnston has been listed as an omission as Adelaide seeks a replacement for injured spearhead Taylor Walker.
Former Norwood players Tom Langford and Will Dalwood will confront their ex-team-mates for the first time.


F: Campbell, Stewart, Ryswyk
HF: Anderson, Langford, Gordon
C: Blee, Moore, G. Thring
HB: Clinch, Miles, Keller
B: C. Craig, Dalwood, Thompson

R: J. Craig, Shannon, M. Thring
INT: Amato, O’Sullivan, Thiele, Hill, Armstrong

IN: Armstrong, Hill, Clinch
OUT: Johnston (Crows)

F: Williams, Boras, L. Trenorden
HF: Spina, Dinham, McMahon
C: Edwards, Virgin, H. Trenorden
HB: Kangur, Westhoff, Maher
B: Melville, Hannaford, Liston

R: Schahinger, Boles, Robinson
INT: Nye, Hayes


F: Jordan Pobke, White, Reid
HF: Johnston, Hore, Bourke
C: Josh Pobke, DeLeonardis, Patterson
HB: Bowley, Sandercock, Jacka
B: Faulkner, Wundke, Baron

R: Ingram, Allen, J. Hayes
INT: McInerney, Westover, Serotzki, Catford, Kerby


Norwood will blood key forward Liam Davis against North Adelaide at Prospect on Saturday.
Unearthed by Redlegs coach Nathan Bassett while playing at the Houghton Football Club, Davis is expected to provide assistance to Brady Dawe in the ruck while also acting as a marking target inside the attacking 50m arc.

Davis replaces ruckman Sam Baulderstone who is expected to miss the next four matches after breaking his hand at training during the week.
Goalsneak Josh Donohue and defender Jace Bode (suspension) also were unable to be considered for selection.
Joining Davis in the Redlegs’ squad of 23 is Jesse Aish, Mark Evans, Gavin Hughes and Matt Thomas, who acted as the Power’s emergency last weekend.

F: Davis, Panos, Phillips
HF: Murphy, Warren, Pfeiffer
C: Grigg, Zorzi, C. Evans
HB: Fuller, Jefferies, McGuinness
B: Kirwan, Georgiou, Jesse Aish

R: Dawe, M. Thomas, Suckling
INT: Roocke, Smart, M. Evans, Dumont, Hughes
IN: M. Thomas, Jesse Aish, Davis, Hughes, M. Evans
OUT: Donohue (hamstring), Bode (suspension), Baulderstone (hand)

Peter, Rander, O’Leary, McKay, Baldasso, Bampton, Persinos, DeMatteis, Vidic, L. Wilson, Moyle, Ialeggio, Chippendale, Helyar, Wicks, Williamson, Giannini, Fantasia, Levicki. EMG – Wallis, M. Bower.

Hallandal, Allen, Edwards, Reavley, M. Bower, C. Bower, Denyer, Gray, Schinella, Leiman, Wright, Flynn, Wallis, Denmead, Auciello, Llewellyn, Williams, Sinnott, Penney, Stephenson, Adcock, Buttery.

Port Adelaide v Central District
Sunday, 2.10pm, Alberton Oval
Radio: LifeFM (#portdogs)


Port Adelaide tagger Daniel Kulikowski could play his first league match of the season against Central District at Alberton Oval on Sunday.
After enduring an interrupted pre-season due to a hand injury, Kulikowski has been named on an extended interchange bench by Magpies coach Ken McGregor.

James Watt and Power-listed Brendan AhChee were also called upon to confront the Bulldogs, with two players still to be trimmed from the squad before the bounce.
Power defender Jack Hombsch will play at centre-half back in reserves as his SANFL club, Sturt, has the bye in round six.
Kulikowski could play the defensive midfield role previously performed by Danny Butcher, who has been sidelined by a shoulder injury.

F: Gray, J. Butcher, Johncock
HF: Harder, Thurgood, Hayes
C: Hoskin, Sharrad, Rose
HB: L. Slattery, Beard, Kirkwood
B: Scanlon, Raikiwasa, Madden

R: Meiklejohn, A. Young, Summerton
INT: McKenzie, AhChee, Watt, Johansen, Kulikowski
IN: Watt, AhChee, Kulikowski
OUT: D. Butcher (shoulder)

F: Cockshell, Ross, Sawford
HF: Batty, Carr, Nyskohus
C: Reynolds, Newton, Lemmens
HB: Sandercock, Hombsch, Davidson
B: Brain, Heath, Grove

R: Barns, Goodwin, Heffernan
INT: Hawkins, R. Young, Haren

F: Phelps, Cooper, Miller
HF: Adams, Hales, Fogden
C: Karpany, Williams, Hawkins
HB: Hamilton, Delcano, O’Neill
B: Goldsworthy, J. McIntyre, Baker

R: Highfold, T. McIntyre, Northeast
INT: Godfrey, Coulson, Bach, Halkias, Finnie, Rayner, Clarke


Central District has called on the experience of Jay Nash for its must-win match against Port Adelaide at Alberton on Saturday.
Nash, who previously played in the AFL with Essendon and Port Adelaide, was named at half-back for what will be his first league match this season.

Cameron Milne, Sam Milne and Matthew Prior were also included in the Bulldogs’ squad of 23 to face the Magpies.

Inexperienced pair Brock Castree and Dylan Hewett paid the price for Central’s loss to Glenelg in round four after being sent back to the seconds.

F: Boyd, Hardy, Obst
HF: Jenner, C. Milne, Habel
C: Meulendyks, Goodrem, Williams
HB: Nash, Collier, J. Schiller
B: Colquhoun, Reichert, Thomas

R: Guilhaus, Callinan, O’Hara
INT: Glenn, Haydon, S. Milne, Prior, Waldhuter
IN: Nash, S. Milne, C. Milne, Prior
OUT: Castree, Hewett

Akec, Barmby, Brown, Castree, Claughton, Cummings, Dunne, Dutschke, Edmead, Hanna, Hewett, Hill, Potter, Ryan, T. Schiller, Stoll, Templeton, Vater, White, Wise.

F: Wise, McLean, Calvett
HF: Dutschke, O’Driscoll, Hamon
C: Jolly, Good, Russo
HB: Furnell, Bain, Baldwin
B: Irlam, Bell, Costanzo

R: Casboult, Langford, Lowke
INT: McConnell, Slade, Douglas, Harvey, Wellington, Traynor, Foster, Weaver

Eagles v South Adelaide
Sunday, 2.10pm, Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval
Radio: 5RPH (#eagssouth)


Power-listed utility Nick Salter will play his first league match this season after being named in the Eagles’ team to face South Adelaide at Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval on Sunday.
Working his way back to full fitness after a serious foot injury, Salter has been named at half-back while Reserves Magarey Medallist Angus Poole and key forwards Zac Fitzgerald and Lee Staple were also named in the 23-man squad.

Tom Schwarz, 19, could make his league debut after being named on the extended interchange bench. The midfielder is the son of Eagles premiership captain Peter Schwarz.
Kane Mitchell was upgraded to the Power’s senior list for the second time this season while Glenn Dawson was dropped to the reserves.
Exciting teenager Malcolm Karpany will miss the next two to four weeks with an ankle injury.


F: Goldsworthy, Redden, Raymond
HF: Hall, Ainger, Joyce
C: Jarrad, Lewis, Allmond
HB: Day, Thompson, Salter
B: Sumner, Culley, Giuffreda

R: Parry, Powell, Rowntree
INT: Kane, Poole, Z. Fiztgerald, Schwarz, Staple
IN: Poole, Salter, Z. Fitzgerald, Schwarz, Staple
OUT: Karpany (ankle), Mitchell (Power), Dawson

F: Jacquier, Heinjus, Von Bertouch
HF: Dawson, T. Fitzgerald, Lane
C: Martyn, Carey, Batley
HB: Blesing, Ellis-Yolmen, Lindsay
B: Muirhead, MacKenzie, Lindsay

R: Borholm, Lloyd, Rowland
INT: Ellis, L. Dunstan

F: Hall, Thunig, Minney
HF: Press, A. Dunstan, Pfitzner
C: M. Schwarz, Lodge, Smart
HB: Ellis, Whittlesea, Blumson
B: Turner, Bottin, J. Schwarz

R: Muller, Lean, Ventura
INT: Enright, Elfenbein, Neville
EMG: Johnston, Blythe, Visentin


South Adelaide has recalled former captain Nick Murphy for its contest against Woodville-West Torrens at Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval on Sunday.

Murphy, who was dropped after the Panthers’ 106-point loss to West Adelaide in round three, has been in stunning form in the reserves for the past fortnight.
‘’We were always confident in his ability,’’ South football manager Neill Sharpe said of Murphy.
‘’There were just parts of his game he needed to work on. He’s certainly earned his spot back in the side.’’

The prolific midfielder was joined in the Panthers’ squad of 23 by former Eagle Nathan Daniel and ruckman Daniel Bass, who will play his first league game of the season.
Crows-listed ruckman Ben Dowdell was sent back to the reserves.

F: Bass, Wundke, Pfeiffer
HF: Snook, Eddy, McDonald
C: Daniel, Liddle, Stribling
HB: Murphy, Fields, Redigolo
B: Thewlis, Hartigan, S. Taylor

R: Brooksby, Cross, Gotch
INT: McKay, Perrey, Tarquin Brown, Crabb, Miller

IN: Daniel, Murphy, Bass
OUT: Dowdell

F: Cailotto, Hourigan, Jolly
HF: Parr, De Visser, Tyson Brown
C: Kerin, Irra, Richter
HB: Lockett, Giddings, Kelly
B: Groutsch, Button, Damin

R: Dowdell, Haines, Schwarz
INT: Makepeace

Daniel, Kappler, Anderson, Stagg, Hogben, Marshall, Lual, Hartshorne, Wake, Dominish, Bartlett, Wright, Hamilton, Chenda, Ross, Taht, Steffe, Pahuru, Taylor, Hollis, Wright, Ekers-Broadbent, Friend.

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